The blue kitten



Asking people to build index card towers tells you a lot about them. Do they jump right in, or first think and observe? Do they ask for teammates’ ideas? And perhaps most importantly, how do they react when the cards come crashing down?

During this month’s OofSI team meeting, we built index card towers as a team building activity. What we learned:

  • Sometimes our first ideas don’t work.

  • It’s good to borrow and build on other people’s ideas.

  • Putting a blue kitten on top of our tower makes us sweat.

  • Sometimes the cards collapse, and then we pick them up and try again.

Just ask Punya. His team’s tower collapsed multiple times, and they kept building up until the very last moment. And that’s what learning is all about.

Punya, Stephany and Stephanie
Christina, Clarin and Elizabeth with their tower