Understanding IRB requirements with regard to SoTL



This past Friday Erik Williams and his colleagues from the Office of Research Integrity joined us to talk about the IRB process for educational research, specifically classroom research. The meeting was well attended by MLFTC faculty and doctoral students both in-person as well as over a zoom link. Erik described the risk/benefits assessment and explained the protocol writing process. Make sure to check out slide 44 for some quick tips for an easy IRB review from Erik’s highly informative presentation available here. There were many questions from the audience about the use of specific language and affirmative consent.

While the series of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) sessions is over for the term, we are committed in our support to faculty. We are genuinely excited that a few faculty members are now finalizing their research designs to conduct a classroom study in the spring of 2019. We will be meeting with them later this month to start drafting their IRB proposals.