What’s brewing in MLFTC?



This spring, the Office of Scholarship and Innovation launched a series of informal gatherings of faculty and staff fueled by coffee and bagels.

A collage of images from the What's Brewing event

The open sessions are hosted every two weeks from 10 – 11 a.m. in the Tempe IgnitED Lab (Farmer 144) with plans to extend to other campuses (Poly and West) in the future. These conversations are loosely focused on a topic and are led by faculty and staff members from across MLFTC. So far we have planned for sessions on scholarship, emerging technologies, digital learning, and wellness. While a guest host opens the discussion for each session, conversations are expected to range widely with no fixed agenda per se. Most importantly there are no formal presentations.

We have already had two sessions the first one focused on “Emerging Technology” led by Sean Leahy and Jodie Donner and the other on “Research Support” led by Clarin Collins.

All MLFTC faculty, staff and graduate students are welcome to attend, grab a coffee and/or bagel and hang out with friends and colleagues.

The schedule for the upcoming meetings is given below and can also be accessed from the MLFTC calendar. All sessions are from 10 – 11 a.m. in the Tempe IgnitED Lab (Farmer 144).

Feb. 13: Digital learning

Feb. 27: Wellness

March 13: Emerging technology

March 27: Scholarship

April 10: Digital learning

April 24: Wellness

If you would like to suggest a topic or better still are willing to host a session send an email to Clarin Collins or Sean Leahy. We look forward seeing you at these sessions willing to chat and share your questions, dilemmas, tips and tricks, or just hang out.