Technology and education: a provocation



Jill Castek, at the University of Arizona, invited me to participate in an NSF funded workshop on developing “Principles for the equitable design of STEM learning environments.” The event was being held at Bioshpere 2, which is this awesome place near Tucson. Because, regretfully, I could not go for the meeting she asked to create a short video (a provocation is how she described it to me) to be played at the beginning of the 3-day event.

Below is the video I created: Technology and Education: A provocation. In it I speak to how we, as scholars in educational technology, missed the boat on some of the most significant trends and concerns in our lifetime; and also try to offer some thoughts on what we can do better. I also took this opportunity to shamelessly plug the work we are doing within the Office of Scholarship and Innovation (OofSI) at ASU‘s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. I must add that even though I could not make it to Biosphere 2, our office was well represented (by Sean Leahy and Ben Scragg).

An introductory (provocation) video created for the “Principles for the equitable design of STEM learning environments” meeting at Biosphere 2, February 2019.

A special thanks to Jill for the opportunity and Claire Gilbert for both acting as a sounding board and helping with the audio.