Supporting Sun Devil Learning Labs during travels



Over the past few months, we have been faced with a multitude of circumstances which we could have never imagined. Many people, including myself, have had to move back home, leaving college sooner than we expected. As summer approached, I found myself worried that I would have nothing to fill my days.

Luckily, while working for the IgnitED Labs, I have been provided an abundance of opportunities. Over the past month, I have been able to help teacher candidates with their lessons by providing assistance with video editing in support of the Sun Devil Learning Labs. I have found that this experience has been extremely beneficial because of the flexibility of this job. Since moving to Kansas, I have continued to visit more family around the states. My family is not very fond of air travel in the pandemic, which means we have ten-hour car drives to our destination. During my travels, I have been able to work on videos throughout tedious times in the car.

I absolutely love that the position has allowed me to work from any place and at any time. Not only has this position given me the freedom to work around my schedule, but it has also provided me with insight into the potential future of education and teaching, which is important for me as an elementary education major. Remote learning may not be ideal for all students’ educational experiences, but technology is constantly changing and improving, which is assisting many individuals. It provides more opportunities to learn from anywhere, leading to more access under any circumstance. I am excited to continue working on the Sun Devil Learning Labs Project, along with the IgnitED Labs and staff.