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School buses

October 5, 2021 | and | OofSI, Principled Innovation, Scholarship

Starting Fall 2021, Ed Leadership has embedded their Leadership Pathways master’s degree program into the Mesa Public Schools with ASU staff to support and coach aspiring leaders in the district.

Hands typing on a laptop

September 21, 2021 | and | OofSI, Scholarship

“Identity in Peer Review”, is the theme of Peer Review Week 2021, a virtual community-led yearly global event during September 20-24. This thematic focus shines a light on the multifaceted role of identity in the peer review process and what is needed to foster more diverse, equitable, and inclusive peer review practices.

CIE and ASU Shaping EDU logos

February 10, 2021 | | Scholarship

How might educators, learning designers, and education leaders help to find the right solutions that will spur student engagement, inclusion, and success?

picture of a laptop

July 7, 2020 | | Scholarship

As we look towards teaching in fall under the shadow of the COVID-19 crisis the Office of Director of Doctoral Programs, MLFTC Technology Operations, Office of Digital Learning & the Office of Scholarship and Principled Innovation organized a serie

A massive vortex of magazines and papers

May 8, 2020 | | Scholarship

We are pleased to share that Current Issues in Education has resumed publication.

Faculty internal grantees and grad students

April 16, 2020 | | Scholarship

The 6th annual Teachers College Doctoral Council (TCDC) Education Research Conference was held on Friday, February 28th, 2020, and for the second year in row, the Office of Scholarship (OofSI) partnered with TCDC to recognize the important research of

The CIE home page

March 3, 2020 | | Scholarship

On hiatus since the fall of 2017, CIE is getting ready to relaunch in Spring of 2020. We are seeking students to serve on the editorial board

The education and arts mixer

January 22, 2020 | | Scholarship

Education and the arts are deeply connected. As the philosopher William James wrote in his book Talks to Teachers:

The Arizona desert

October 18, 2019 | | Scholarship

Back in January, we shared about the launch of an exciting idea emerging out of Miami, Arizona, seeking to provide opportunities for high-achieving students in rural areas across the state.

An outline of the state of Arizona

April 23, 2019 | | Scholarship

If teaching is so great, why is it so hard to find teachers?

A green slate chalkboard

April 15, 2019 | | Scholarship

Teacher shortages are a very serious problem with very serious consequences. How can we expect children to learn and achieve if they do not have constant, qualified teachers?

A survey form with the

March 1, 2019 | | Scholarship

Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA), MLFTC’s open access, trilingual journal of education policy, recently earned some high marks from its readers, authors, and reviewers.

A conference in the Farmer Education Building atrium

February 4, 2019 | | Scholarship

This year, the Office of Scholarship & Innovation (OofSI) partnered with TCDC, and some of our 2018 MLFTC internal grant recipients kicked off the conference with a poster session to discuss their on-going research projects with graduate students, faculty, and other attendees.

Research support

January 30, 2019 | | Scholarship

The second “What’s Brewing in MLFTC?” series featured a scholarship and research resource open house. A handful of representatives from offices within MLFTC and ASU at large were invited to provide some tips & tricks, as well as highlight some aspects of their work that may not be commonly known.

aape epaa logo

January 2, 2019 | | Scholarship

2018 was a year of excellence for Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA/AAPE), the multilingual, peer-reviewed scholarly journal of education policy, published by the MLFTC.

A bitmoji of Fake News

December 4, 2018 | | Scholarship

Fake news, alternative facts, misinformation … unless you’ve been stranded on a deserted island these past few years, these terms should sound all-too-familiar.

A collage of various whiteboards with postit notes

November 29, 2018 | | Scholarship

This past semester  OofSI (under the leadership of Clarin Collins) organized four sessions devoted to SoTL. The goal was to generate interest and foster conversation among faculty about studying their own practice.

An old rusty typewriter

November 15, 2018 | | Scholarship

I had posted earlier about my visit to Bangalore back in summer to participate in the Quest 2 Learn Annual Summit organized by the Quest Alliance.

IRB requiements session

November 9, 2018 | | Scholarship

Erik Williams and his colleagues from the Office of Research Integrity joined us to talk about the IRB process for educational research, specifically classroom research.

SOTL workshop

October 26, 2018 | | Scholarship

The 3rd of the four planned Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) meetings took place on Friday, 26th October.

collage of images from the meeting

October 9, 2018 | | Scholarship

This past Friday members of Action Lab (ALAB) and EdPlus joined MLFTC faculty to extend the conversation around the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the Teachers College.

September 26, 2018 | | Scholarship

A key part of the work we do in the Scholarly Initiatives team is supporting the wide range of scholarship conducted by faculty at the College.

A green robot reading a book

September 19, 2018 | | Scholarship

Robots and robotics are mainstays of science fiction, and for many of us, belong to the somewhat distant realm of some futuristic societies that we read about in novels or watch on T.V. or in movies.

Researchers discussing research

March 30, 2018 | | Scholarship

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is committed to supporting and creating research and scholarship among our faculty and research staff.

The AAPE / EPAA logo

January 29, 2018 | | Scholarship

Tests, performance appraisals, evaluations, rankings, portfolios, surveys.  Assessments are a part of the fabric of U.S. society. Within education, standardized assessments play a key role in measuring students’ success in school, postgraduate studies, and career.

Institutional review board

November 27, 2017 | | Scholarship

Though not the sexiest component of research, the institutional review board is essential to protect the rights of research subjects and the researcher and institution.

Researchers at the mixer

November 3, 2017 | | Scholarship

The first education research mixer luncheon was held today at ASU’s SkySong Innovation Center, organized by the Office of Scholarship and Innovation.

MLFTC internal grant recipients

September 29, 2017 | | Scholarship

The Office of Scholarship announced the 2017 MLFTC Internal Grant recipients.

A hand writing on paper

August 18, 2017 | | Scholarship

Today, the offices of Research Advancement and Scholarship and Innovation hosted a hackathon to discuss submitting National Science Foundation proposals and, specifically, the Discovery Research PreK-12 call for proposals.

Action lab fellows

June 30, 2017 | | Scholarship

Today, the Office of Scholarship and Innovation announced that Mark Wiederspan and Jeongeun Kim were awarded the inaugural Action Lab Fellowship.