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Project Springboard

This collection of video recordings features content from Project Springboard, a series of online design studio sessions for teams of educators from across the country and the world to advance their vision for what school could be.

Project Springboard: leading innovation and change in education systems with Christina Kishimoto and Pasi Sahlberg

Finnish educator, researcher and policymaker Pasi Sahlberg and Hawaii’s state superintendent for education Christina Kishimoto share their experiences on leading and sustaining education systems change and innovation in their communities and offer advice for educators and education leaders.

Project Springboard: leading change in education systems with Michelle Reid

Michelle Reid, Superintendent of Northshore School District in Washington and 2021 Superintendent of the Year, explains her approach to leading systems change in her district and schools, with a focus on creating a more equitable system that serves the needs of all learners.

Project Springboard: clarifying priorities in a Portrait of a Graduate with Tony Wagner

Educator, author and researcher Tony Wagner offers his perspective and recommendations on how to engage communities around a Portrait of a Graduate and how to create alignment between key priorities, assessments, and learning experiences.

Project Springboard: intro to Portrait of a Graduate with Valerie Greenhill and Ted Dintersmith

Valerie Greenhill from Battelle for Kids and Ted Dintersmith, author and founder of What School Could Be, discuss the concept of a Portrait of a Graduate and how it can help schools set a vision and engage their community around reimagining their learning environments and experiences.