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Designing the new American high school

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Future focused research question

How would we design a national research and development center and amass evidence on innovations, best practices, and policies to support schools and states that want to retool or restart their high schools?


We propose to bring together scholars, practitioners, and students from across the ASU community to formulate a research agenda and a new ASU initiative to imagine how high schools across America can be retooled, reimagined, and redesigned to create equitable opportunities for all U.S. students, especially those from historically marginalized communities, to be prepared for a boundless future in a rapidly changing economy.

CRPE - Reinventing public education


Rethinking the Traditional High School-College-Career Continuum: CRPE researchers argue that systemic change will be required to give students access to meaningful pathways to college preparation and career training.

The Big Blur: An Argument for Erasing the Boundaries Between High School, College, and Careers —and Creating One New System That Works for Everyone: JFF researchers make the case for an entirely new type of institution—neither high school nor college—designed specifically to better meet the needs of young people after 10th grade and help prepare them to succeed in the world of work.


Robin Lake
Director, Center on Reinventing Public Education

Chelsea Waite
Principal, Center on Reinventing Public Education

Steven Weiner
Research Analyst, Center on Reinventing Public Education, PhD student, MLFTC

Ariel Anbar
President’s Professor, Distinguished Global Futures Scientist, Affiliate Faculty, MLFTC

Esteban Aucejo
Associate Professor and Dean’s Council Distinguished Scholar, W.P. Carey School of Business

Janice Mak
Clinical Assistant Professor, MLFTC

Christian Osmena
Vice President, Enterprise Planning

Elizabeth (Betsy) Fowler
Executive Director of Strategic Projects, ASU Prep

Maritza Valenzuela
Program Director, Opportunities for Youth, Watts College

Kendelle Brown
Senior Program Manager, Opportunities for Youth, Watts College