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Futures of artificial intelligence in education and diversity, equity, and inclusion

Image created by Dall-E 2 (with input from Punya Mishra)

Future focused research question

How can artificial intelligence in education (AIED) communities ensure that future technologies are human-centered and humanist in their design, implementation and interpretation?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an encompassing family of technologies that extend into all sectors of human life. Although artificial intelligence in education (AIED) research is often framed as supporting student learning and enhancing the educational experience, it is also clear there is significant potential for harm. This proposed Learning Futures Collaborative group is being formed to develop a research plan and methodology to investigate the broad landscape of new and emerging technologies and the challenge for AIED communities to ensure these advancements are human-centered and humanist in their design, implementation, and interpretation. This group will also seek to investigate how AIED communities are able to integrate and inform critical issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).


Sean Leahy
Director of Creative and Emerging Technologies for Enterprise Technology

Rod Roscoe
Associate Professor, Polytechnic School of Engineering

Scotty Craig
Associate Professor, Polytechnic School of Engineering

Rachna Mathur
Doctoral Student, MLFTC

Punya Mishra
Associate dean of scholarship and innovation; Professor