Abstract image of people imagining

Imagination and Futures Thinking for K12

Image created by Dall-E 2 (with input from Punya Mishra)

Future focused research question

How can we best prepare youth to think critically about and take agency for their futures?


Why does every school teach history but hardly any have courses on the future? This project seeks to establish a working group around futures thinking and foresight in K-12 education with an aim of building community and developing an interdisciplinary program of research.

Readings discussed in LFC ‘Journal Club’

Gidley, J. M. (2017). The future: A very short introduction. Oxford University Press. (Amazon)

Pendleton-Jullian, A., & Brown, J. S. (2016). Pragmatic imagination. (Amazon)

Harjo, L. (2019). Spiral to the stars: Mvskoke tools of futurity. University of Arizona Press. (Link)


Ruth Wylie
Assistant Director, Center for Science and the Imagination and Associate Research Professor, MLFTC

Danah Henriksen
Associate Professor, Education Leadership, MLFTC

Michelle Jordan
Associate Professor, Learning Sciences, MLFTC

Steve Zuiker
Associate Professor, Learning Sciences, MLFTC

Ed Finn
Director, Center for Science and the Imagination

Bob Beard
Program Manager, Center for Science and the Imagination

Shawn Jordan
Associate Professor, Polytechnic School of Engineering and MLFTC affiliate faculty

Maria Teresa Tatto
Professor, MLFTC

O. Matthew Odebiyi
Assistant Professor, MLFTC

Laura Cechanowicz
Assistant Professor, School of Arts Media and Engineering

Bregje van Geffen
PhD student, MLFTC

Kevin Brown
PhD student, MLFTC

Elizabeth Quigley
Student, School of Sustainability

Brian Neal
Student, School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence