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Project OASIS – Optimizing Access for Students in Schools

Future focused research question

How can we create a future educational model where special education and labeling disabilities are not necessary for all students to have the optimal experience?


Imagine a future in which the designations of “disability” and “special education” did not need to exist for all students to access the optimal educational experience and achieve their full potential. This interdisciplinary project aims to challenge the status quo of special education and consider – How do we create a system that does not require special education? In other words, what educational model(s) can we envision and build that maximizes access to needed supports and evidence-based practices for all children, including those historically served in special education? Project OASIS will collaboratively design a future in which our schools optimize the success of all students.


Technology for the Next Education Workforce Beyond the One Teacher One Classroom Model ASU GSV 2023

Billingsley, B., & Bettini, E. (2019). Special education teacher attrition and retention: A review of the literature. Review of Educational Research, 89(5), 697-744.

To serve every student well, plan for the tails, not the mean.


Andrea Weinberg
Associate professor

Amber Benedict
Assistant professor

Brad Thompson
Doctoral student

Elizabeth Ruiz
Doctoral student

Erin Rotheram-Fuller
Associate professor

Evandra Catherine
Assistant professor

John O’Brien

Juliet Hart Barnett

Kathy Hoffman
Executive Director

Katie Morris

Lauren Katzman
Executive Director of Urban Collaborative

Maria Dixon
Clinical Professor, College of Health Solutions

Robin Lake
Director, The Center for Reinventing Public Education

Sherman Dorn

Sarup Mathur

Theodore Telepak