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Learning Futures podcast

What if education systems were doing more and thinking differently about preparing learners to thrive in the future? Co-hosts Sean Leahy and Punya Mishra discuss improving education and the future of learning. Each episode presents colleagues, researchers, education leaders and other guests who share how they're thinking about and addressing the most pressing challenges in education.

Slice of PI podcast

This podcast showcases the work being done within Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College with an eye to Principled Innovation. The show examines the process of changemaking -- not just the neat and polished side, but the messy realities of innovation as well. Each episode features faculty, staff and/or students, and delves into a different area of work within the Teachers College.

Value Laden Podcast

Join Dr. Punya Mishra in conversation with educational leaders as they explore the role that values and principles play in what they do. Each episode features a leader of an educational organization talking about their personal story and the development of their ethical compass. They discuss how their value systems influence their professional work as a leader, including the dilemmas they face as well as how they maintain integrity to their vision in a complex, messy world.

Fishing for Problems: educators as designers

Associate Dean Punya Mishra was interviewed by Matt Schneidman (Curator, Creator, Podcast Host) for the Fishing for Problems podcast. The discussion was broadly framed around educational technology and the TPACK framework, but they covered quite a bit of ground beyond that as well.