OofSI: the year that was


Learning Futures

Every December the Office of Scholarship & Innovation (OofSI) team looks back at the year that was, to document and reflect on all that we have done, as well as to plan for the future. This information is then put together in a report that captures our successes and goals (both collectively and for each of our initiatives).

The OofSI organizational triangle
The Office of Scholarship & Innovation brings collaborative design-based problem-solving to educational systems; supports faculty research and scholarly inquiry in education; creates and leverages digital technologies for acquiring and disseminating knowledge.

Specifically, in the latest report we address how OofSI over the past year has:

  • Instantiated a culture of principled innovation in everything we do. Which has allowed us to be…
  • Nimble and proactive in providing service and leadership to a range of projects, both within the Teachers College/ASU and with external partners. This in turn serves as a foundation for…
  • Seeking new opportunities and setting new goals for the future.

Download the 2018 OofSI Report.

Finally a note of gratitude to the amazing team I get to work with. None of what we do would be possible without their energy, passion and all-round goofy awesomeness.

The OofSI team. Sketch ©punyamishra
The OofSI team. Sketch ©punyamishra