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My journey with the Office of Scholarship and Innovation


Former design strategist and project Manager Kyle Wagner shares his experience working on our team and details his personal journey with the Office of Scholarship and Innovation.

Project Springboard may be over, but these educators are just getting started

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Over 160 educators, leaders and community members engaged in Project Springboard from spring to summer of 2021, spanning across the US, Canada and Australia. The project wrapped up in August with a final online session, and we have created a report that summarizes the experience, outcomes and feedback we received. A common theme was the value of connecting with like-minded educators from across the world, especially during the challenges of COVID.

Who is imagining Learning Futures in the anthropocene?


Policy discussions about learning futures often take place without those who will be living those very futures – that is, without children and youth who are routinely left out of the future visioning exercises and policy making decisions.

Value Laden: a new podcast about ethical leadership


What is the role of values and principles in educational leadership? What can we learn from inspirational educational leaders? How did they develop their moral/ethical compass, and more importantly, how do they bring these perspectives to the work that they do?

A diving board over clear blue water

Project Springboard: launching a new collaboration


As the U.S. began to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic this spring, the calls for schools to find ways to learn from the crisis — to not simply return to the pre-pandemic “normal” — have come from many directions. Yet for schools and educational institutions that have just been through the most challenging year in recent history and are still managing the day-to-day work of running schools and educating students in an ongoing pandemic, this is no simple task.

Research support mini-grants available


The Office of Scholarship and Innovation has expanded the internal grants program to include research support mini-grants. The mini-grant program is a recurring monthly opportunity for faculty to receive funds

Learning Futures: Designing the Horizon keynote address


Revisit the keynote for the 2021 ShapingEDU Winter Games, a story of uncertainty, disruption, and resilience. See how we define learning futures, tackle the challenge of designing educational systems, explore strategic foresight tools, and build an ecosystem if resilience into our IgnitED Labs.

Designing STEAM


Danah Henriksen and I were recently invited to present a keynote (and conduct two workshops) on design thinking and STEAM education at the 2021 NV STEAM conference, organized by the Nevada Museum of Art and Desert Research Institute.

STEM Futures at AAAS


ASU recently hosted, what is known as, the world’s largest scientific gathering, the annual conference of the American Association of the Advancement of Science.

Embracing failure (in a first year technology course): new article


In his book The child and the curriculum; and The school and society John Dewey identified four key impulses for learning that he placed at the foundation of the curriculum. The key education challenge, he argued, is to nurture these impulses for lifelong learning

Education in a pandemic: a crisis (and possibly) an opportunity


Last year I was in Israel to present at the Meital Conference. When I was there I was interviewed by Lior Detal, the education correspondent for TheMarker – which led to an article in the magazine.

Learning Futures in Saudi Arabia


I recently had the privilege of collaborating with two MLFTC colleagues to present a workshop for a virtual conference for educators and education leaders in Saudi Arabia

Us in Flux: A conversation with Sarah Pinsker


The Center for Science and the Imagination at ASU has a new series called Us in Flux. Every two weeks they publish a (super-short) short story that explores “themes of community, collaboration, and collective imagination in response to transformative events.” They follow each story with a virtual conversation with the author and a guest.

Responding to a global pandemic


It has been nine weeks — nine LONG weeks! — since the COVID-19 crisis turned our “normal” lives upside down.

Leadership perspective: a day with Cindy Mills at Porfirio H. Gonzales Elementary School


As someone less familiar with the reality of working in an elementary school in Arizona, I was able to arrange a day to shadow a principal within the network of