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Learning Futures: Designing the Horizon keynote address


Revisit the keynote for the 2021 ShapingEDU Winter Games, a story of uncertainty, disruption, and resilience. See how we define learning futures, tackle the challenge of designing educational systems, explore strategic foresight tools, and build an ecosystem if resilience into our IgnitED Labs.

The Diamond Age: a futures approach to educational technology

Workshop showcase: the Sphero SPRK+


Beep boop beep! The electronic sound of robotic language is not only captivating, it can be downright inspiring. Looking a little closer, the actual written language (JavaScript) for the charming little beeps offers a peek into the power of programmable robots.

Madison Meadows NEW project presentations


The teaching staff at Madison Meadows Middle School presented the NEW (Novel, Effective, Whole) group projects they have been developing since the beginning of September.

A new age of computer labs: IgnitED Lab


As the title of this post suggests, the Technology Initiatives team in the Office of Scholarship and Innovation is behind the development of a new era of computer/technology lab for Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Madison Meadows Middle School NEW project


On a bright and warm Saturday morning, the Madison Meadows Middle School administration and teaching staff met with several members of our #OofSI team for the kickoff workshop event to the yearlong project: Developing a Professional Community of Practice at Madison Meadows Middle School.